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2021 Senior Spokesmodel Team/Applications now open

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Now you may be asking what is a Senior Spokesmodel and exactly what is the process? Well today I am telling you how the setup goes, the requirements, whats included and the general experience. Doing senior spokesmodel programs is one of the best tools for my business. Not only has it given me the oppurtunity to provide 3-5 upcoming seniors with FREE sessions, but it has connected me with so many amazing people and small businesses in my community.


1: during winter break ( so usually late February, early March) I start advertising about the Senior Spokesmodel Program and applications close on May 30th.

2: once I go through the applications, I announce the girls I feel are the best net for the team on Instagram and Facebook.

3: once I have my team of girls, I start planning styled shoots. I use these images for advertising and each spokesmodel gets every image as well to use on their feed.

4: Throughout the summer they tell their friends and family about their experience with me as their photographer and encourage their friends and family to book with me. If they do book with e, the senior receives a referral gift card.

5: Then during the summer each spokesmodel gets a 2 full hours to shoot one on one with me. With unlimited outfits and 3-4 locations.

6: Throughout the year we have group shoots were we have lots of fun and make some great images together, that once again each spokesmodel gets.


By entering the Spokesmodel program, you must talk to your parents and agree on these terms.

FIRST THINGS FIRST, you must be a CURRENT junior going into senior year. This is open to current juniors, but if you are interested in applying next year shoot us a message.

SECOND: you must be active on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. We have a private group on facebook that has all the updates about the Senior Spokesmodel Team if you are selected.

THIRD: you are encouraged to be excited to refer and spread the word and only represent Anastasia Kay Photography.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: be up to date on current style trends, and know how to dress good


Are you fit to be a spokesmodel? This is a group of upcoming senior girls that want to be a part of a fun team that gets some amazing perks for doing one job, promoting my photography business. Their only job is to tell their friends and family about their experience shooting with me and reger them to come checkout Anastasia Kay Photography. The best part is that you can earn cash back or a Starbucks gift card with every referral that books with me.

Pretty Simple, but so powerful.



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