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One of the biggest questions that I get asked all the time is, “can I bring my dog to the session?” My answer is always a resounding YES!! Our dog is such a huge part of our family, and he’s included in literally EVERYTHING that we do (including photos!). I absolutely love it when people bring their pets to sessions and incorporate them. Here are a few tips to help out at your next session with your pup!!

1: They Won't Be Around Forever

- It’s a sad fact, but our furred and feathered friends just don’t live as long as we would like them to. So documenting their part in the family and in your life is super important to keep the memories of their all to short time with us.

2: They Are Extremely Amusing and Add Fun to the shoot

- Don’t you love looking at photos or videos of animals on the internet? I most certainly do! They instantly put a smile on my face and gives me good energy. Imagine having those vibes on your family portrait. Plus, pets and kids create the most comic photos!

3: You get Pet Portraits

-You don’t always need a special occasion to have photos of your dog taken. Just because you love them is more than enough reason! Head to your favorite park or other outdoor location for a fun photoshoot, or bring the cameras inside to capture your dog happy in their home. You’ll love having these photos displayed in your home and will smile looking back on them for years to come.

4: You can Relax and Have more fun

- We all know that pets make us laugh. Having your pet with you during your session can ensure candid smiles and you being more relaxed during your family, engagement or senior portrait session.

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