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Do Photographers Need Online Galleries?

With social media being the new social normal of sharing, an online gallery of all your best images may seem unnecessary. Social Media is a good place to share your best sessions and showings of behind the scenes work. Being a photographer and owning a business isn't always glamorous or easy, and showing that reality is great on social media. Online galleries are nice to have to show images and the range of work you do. But are they necessary? Online galleries are also a way for us to show our finished work and past sessions. On Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok you can see a quick glimpse of the session in real time but when we finished editing the photos that is when we share the finished work at its most beautiful moment. Online galleries are also good for clients because it gives them a curated view of my best images, so they can book faster to get their own images. I am happy to share links of my work with clients and with my online gallery you can see the amazing experience you will receive. If you have more questions I make myself available to all my clients.

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