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Outfit Ideas For Spring Photoshoots

Hello friends! Happy Friday! The other day my boyfriend and I went on a picnic to Belle Isle and found these gorgeous trees and snapped some images. Personally finding outfits and styling outfits isn't hard for me, because fashion is one of my second passions and I have a fashion blog on the side. But sometimes people struggle to put together outfits and make outfits coordinate for shoots. While I was shooting these images, I was thinking about the colors of this location and possible outfits and colors that would go well in this beautiful landscape and decided to write this post. Here are four outfit ideas and links for everything, and i mean EVERYTHING in this post.

Outfit 1: Peachy Tones

Outfit 2: Yellow Tones

Outfit 3: Blue Tones

Outfit 4: Purple Tones

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