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Why You Should Get Updated Headshots // michigan portrait photographer

Long time ago back in march I had my friend and fellow photographer Kelly of Kelly Louise Photography capture some updated headshots for me. We got together and made a fun afternoon of exchanging headshots. For the past few years I have been taking my own headshots in my backyard and would get 3 or 4 good shots to use on self timer, so having someone else direct and pose me was so much easier and this time I got a slew of amazing photos. We took at these photos in downtown Birmingham at two of my favorite spots to take photos. The parking garage and Willits Street, which I call little Italy because the buildings on the street remind me of Italy or Paris. Anyway here are three reasons why you should get updated headshots...


Over time you change just like everybody else. As you grow older and wiser you change and you want your headshots to reflect that. Your appearance also changes from body shape, to hair color and so on. I always update my headshots once a year and its always around winter time during my slow season as a photographer. Example below, headshots from 2019 to 2022, left to right.


If you are starting a small business or starting young, you want to be taken seriously. On social media and on your website a selfie you took of yourself doesn't scream professional. A current and up to date headshots shows that not only are you professional but you are also invested in your business and want to see it succeed.


Your headshots is your first impression to the world and your clients. The judge the image by your facial expression, what you are wearing and your surroundings. For example, if I were wearing a band t-shirt with baggy and holy jeans in a graffitied area as my background, they may think that I don't have a good judgement of locations for shoots. In a 2016 study, it's been shown that people can form lasting opinions based on your photo. Your headshot will help you stand out from the crowd and be remembered.

This exact point reminds me of an interaction I had with a patient at the urgent care I was talking with, we were chatting and I brought up that I do photography in my free time and she asked what my company name was and when I mentioned it, she said "oh i've seen your stuff all over facebook". So that meant she noticed me. Wether it was because of my company name, advertising or because I invest time into my business to make it grow, who knows, but it made me realize that what I was doing was working.

Now enjoy these headshots that my amazing friend Kelly took in the beautiful Birmingham, Michigan.


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